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Our most important assets are our people!

Just like any other organization, our success depends on the quality of our people. This means more than simply recruiting the best - it's about how we encourage them to stay with us and achieve their full potential. AMET Computers professional staff is constructed around a core nucleus of computer scientists and professionals with significant experience in system development. We have focused on building our company around experienced, accomplished, and highly qualified personnel.
When we recruit the best and the brightest, we recruit people who thrive on the excitement of collaboration and the discovery of new opportunities. They apply their talents in myriad positions, from sales and marketing to technical design and programming to product support and consulting.

At a glance…
- High Achievers… 100% honors degrees
- In excess of 80% have master and post graduate degree qualifications

As natural high achievers, they enjoy challenging work - providing this challenge is our commitment to them. Academic achievement and professional development play an important part in our success. We mentor our engineers, and we encourage them to achieve professional status through the relevant institutes. This helps us to maintain the industry leading edge of which we are proud.
Many of our engineers are Intel, Oracle, Microsoft certified solution developers, they also have certification of Fluke Networks, Hubbell and others.