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Imagine having a trusted partner, a single source with the proven ability to design, deliver and manage all of your data and networking requirements. Imagine peace of mind.

AMET Computers is a solution provider and software developer that specializes in building solutions for a variety of vertical markets. AMET serves small and medium sized businesses in NY and NJ.

Our Way of Work: Assume Nothing. Never be satisfied with less than perfection. Create value at every step. In the work process, we, employ the empiricism of research, the analytics of computer, the imagination of poets, the discipline of strategists, the pragmatism of CEOs and the intuition of entrepreneurs all informed by an empathetic understanding of the customer to craft real working solutions that helps out client engage the marketplace, fight competitors and talk to customers.

AMET's client base has been built by providing quality solutions at an affordable price. AMET's customers have found that there is a company, which has solutions that meets their needs, without killing an already high budget.

Just take a look at AMET's hardware, software and communication solutions and let us show you how to implement a quality solution at an affordable price